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A-Level Chemistry Novel Organic Chemistry Questions

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A-Level Chemistry Novel Organic Chemistry Questions is a study guide written for Higher 2 Chemistry students preparing for the GCE A-Level examination. Its aim is to expose students who are competent in basic organic concepts to higher-order application questions.

The organic reactions featured in this guide are used to help students draw parallels and extrapolate from their existing knowledge. They are also expected to predict possible products from novel organic reactions.

In this guide, students will learn the following:
• Pattern recognition for novel organic reactions
• Novel mechanism drawing
• Synthesis based on novel reactions
• Broad classification of organic species
• Thought process in organic elucidation questions

The worked solutions in this book include tips, explanations and common mistakes. Patterns in the novel reactions are also highlighted in the worked solutions for clarity.

Click here to view a brief flip-through of the book.

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