A-Level H2 Organic Chemistry – Mastering Synthesis and Elucidation Questions

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Written for students taking the GCE A-Level Higher 2 Chemistry examination, this guidebook covers two of the five major types of organic questions: Organic Synthesis and Structure Elucidation. Understanding the thought processes of how to approach synthesis and elucidation questions is the main goal of this book. Rather than just presenting answers matter-of-factly, there will be in-depth analyses coupled with the highlighting of common mistakes made by students.

The questions are arranged in order of difficulty to help students gradually get comfortable with the analysis method. For synthesis questions, the number of steps required to achieve the target organic molecule are stated at the start of the questions to avoid ambiguity. Students should note that they need to select the shortest synthesis route whenever possible.


  • In-depth analysis of question and approach
  • Highlighting of common mistakes made
  • Commonly overlooked side reactions
  • Notes and tips on similar synthesis questions
  • Questions involving cyclisation and de-cyclisation synthesis
  • How to approach structure elucidation questions systematically

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