Strategies for Effective Revision A Level Physical Chemistry

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This is not a guidebook. This is your recipe to scoring A in Chemistry. The secret to scoring A in Chemistry lies in the organisation of relevant information. Master Physical Chemistry by breaking each topic into the different types of examination questions.

This book is not about content. It is about strategy. Proven strategies that allow you to solve at least 90% of all Physical Chemistry questions in the examination.

This book is not about the right way to score. It is also about understanding failure. Strategies to understand and be aware of the mistakes made by students from the examiner’s perspectives.

  • Proven strategies to solve 90% of the exam questions
  • Mastering concepts for new H2 syllabus
  • Reduce your revision time by over 50%

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13 reviews for Strategies for Effective Revision A Level Physical Chemistry

  1. Mrs Chua

    Useful for my child’s revision.

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  10. George Yeo

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