A-Level General Paper: Mastering Paraphrasing Skills

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Paraphrasing is a key skill for the General Paper as it allows you to express the same idea using a variety of different words and expressions. The Comprehension Paper (Paper 2) in the examination contains many questions that require you to be able to paraphrase accurately and concisely. Possessing a wide range of synonyms will also help you in improving your language marks for the Essay Paper (Paper 1) as you are able to use different sentence forms to convey various ideas. This useful guide also includes word lists and paraphrasing practice questions (with answers) to help you improve your paraphrasing and writing skills.

Key features:
• 5 key paraphrasing skills and other paraphrasing techniques
• Paraphrasing practices by skill and combined paraphrasing exercises with answers
• Word lists by frequency

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