A-Level Chemistry: Key Summaries for Revision

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A-Level Chemistry is a content heavy subject. Students feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of information that they need to process. After going through school notes, students still may not be able to extract the key concepts that are required for each topic. Understanding these key concepts will place them in a better position to do well in their examinations. It will be great if there is a book to list out EXACTLY what the key concepts are and help students focus on them instead of having to sieve through thick stacks of information.

Key features
• Summarised notes for all key Chemistry topics based on the latest revised syllabus.
• Complete list of definitions and key formulas in each Physical Chemistry topic for quick reference.
• Comprehensive Organic Chemistry mind maps and summaries for easy learning.
• Key summaries in Inorganic Chemistry presented in point form for easy memorisation.


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