Primary 5 Tamil Specimen Papers

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The eight specimen papers in this book are written based on the latest PSLE format. There is a total of 40 questions in the various sections of each specimen paper, which include language use, proverbs and comprehension.

Each specimen paper is divided into two booklets, namely Booklet A and Booklet B. Booklet A contains 25 multiple-choice questions and Booklet B contains 7 multiple-choice questions as well as 8 open-ended questions.

There are 4 different types of comprehension passages in each specimen paper. They are Comprehension Cloze, Comprehension MCQ, Visual Text Comprehension and Comprehension Open-Ended. Comprehension MCQ also contains 1 question which tests the meaning of a particular word in the passage.

The specimen papers in this book will help all Tamil students prepare well for their school examinations.

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