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P5 Revision Set

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Not sure which books to buy for your child in Primary 5? We have a basic bundle for you at a lower price! Simply buy the set to enjoy the special price! Usual price if you buy these 8 books separately is $85.90.

Primary 5 Conquer Synthesis and Transformation provides practice in constructing meaningful sentences, with the added aim of helping students to fulfil the needs to show how their ideas connect and emphasise the important idea in their sentences. Students will develop a firm foundation in understanding the structure of English sentences as well as the confidence to use the acquired skills in their compositions. The book will help teachers, parents and students to identify and remedy sentence structure weaknesses easily because the skills have been classified by grammatical items for a systematic approach. Following such an approach also means that students are exposed to a variety of ways in which each skill can be explored, building agility in writing and thinking.

Primary 5: Master Comprehension (Open-Ended) covers the skills required for students to master effective skills in the Comprehension (Open-ended) section of the Primary 5 English examination syllabus. It contains notes and examples to explain the demands and expectations of Comprehension OE section, short guided exercises to provide students with immediate practice and guidance, pointers to warn students about common errors to avoid when they answer questions, 10 full practice papers, and an answer key.

Primary 5 English Mastering Situational Writing contains authentic practice tasks, self-assessment with bulleted key information in the marking scheme, and models of completed tasks in suggested responses.

Primary 5 English Master Your Paper 3 and Paper 4 (Listening & Oral) is a comprehensive guide to listening comprehension and oral communication tested in Paper 3 and Paper 4 of the Primary 5 English examination. It is closely aligned with the latest assessment objectives for Primary 5 issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. It includes notes on important skills and knowledge, common mistakes in reading and answering oral questions, warm-up exercises for immediate application of skills learnt, five full Mock Paper 3 and Paper 4 exams, complete listening scripts and answers, including suggested oral responses, and online audio files of all texts of the listening scripts.

Primary 5 Mathematics Practice Papers is a compilation of the latest practice questions in accordance with the latest Primary 5 (2017) Mathematics syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. With contributions from teacher consultants with decades of experience, the examination practices in this book aim to be a one-stop and comprehensive guide for Mathematics learning. The questions are challenging and specifically hand-picked for their value in teaching students important concepts and examination techniques. The book consists of 9 practice papers with full answers and worked solutions for the problem sums. These examination papers aim to teach students important concepts and help students to discover weaknesses in their answering techniques which they may not be aware of.

Primary 5 Intensive Mathematics Practice with Challenging Questions is designed to help students systematically revise topics they have learnt in school. There are also questions that are challenging and require higher-order thinking skills. Detailed answers and explanations are provided for all questions to facilitate students in addressing their mistakes and misconceptions. This book will serve as an excellent tool for students in their preparation for tests, assessments and examinations.

Upper Primary Mathematics Perfect Problem-Solving Guide is written based on the latest MOE Mathematics syllabus with easy-to-follow step-by-step guidance practices and ample revision questions to deepen understanding of every concept. This book specifically helps students to hone up problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills. Step-by-step solutions are provided for all questions to optimise the learning of every student.

Upper Block Science Revision Notes and Exercises is  a revision guide in Upper Block Science for students in Primary 5 and Primary 6. It covers all the 4 themes in the Upper Block syllabus and features comprehensive revision notes and illustrations, exercises after each theme, and challenging questions at the end of the book.

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