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Not sure which books to buy for your child in Primary 1? We have a basic bundle for you at a lower price! Simply buy this set to enjoy the special price! Usual price if you buy these 8 books separately is $80.90.

Primary 1 English Vocabulary Practice is aimed at improving the language skills of Primary 1 students through explanation and practice. Each vocabulary unit is presented in two parts: a quick guide comprising basic notes followed by a set of practice exercises. Notes are provided in a simple way while items reviewed in the practice exercises aim to reinforce student’s language acquisition. The exercises allow students to test their acquired knowledge while strengthening their grasp of the English Language. While this book complements the language items tested at Primary 1 in schools today, it can also be used independently as it offers a wealth of useful and relevant material for practice.

Primary 1 English: Master Your Grammar Skills is updated for the 2020 Primary English syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Each unit in this guide contains a grammar item or concept with an attractive visual stimulus introducing the grammar item or concept. Tips are given to warn students about common mistakes that they should avoid when they attempt exercises on grammar. Grammar exercises on a specific item are included to provide students with immediate practice. Demanding exercises are provided to challenge students in the high-progress group since they are capable of learning more and at a faster pace than others. At the end of the guide, students can do a revision of grammar items across several units.

Primary 1 English: Mastering Comprehension (Open-Ended) Skills contains notes and examples to explain the demands and expectations of Comprehension OE, guided exercises to provide students with immediate practice and guidance, pointers to warn students about common pitfalls when they answer questions, and 10 full practice papers for students to test their ability to apply what they have learnt.

Primary 1 English: Mastering Comprehension Visual Text and Cloze has 2 main sections. The following common types of questions in Comprehension Visual Text are explained in Section 1: (a) Important details, (b) Reasons, (c) Evidence, (d) True statement, (e) Punctuation. 10 full tests in Comprehension Visual Text follow this section. Section 2 is on Comprehension Cloze where there are 15 deletions in each text. The missing words are from different word classes. The following are some useful strategies on comprehension cloze covered in this book: (a) Collocations, (b) Contextual clues, (c) Connectors, (d) Grouping, (e) Pronouns. 10 tests in Comprehension Cloze follow this section.

Ace Your Show-and-Tell Developing Oral Competence for Extraordinary Presentation Primary 1 & 2 is in line with MOE’s Primary Education Review and Implementation (PERI) recommendations to support learning through holistic assessment. There are more than 100 interesting topics that develop analytical and critical thinking skills for students to learn an extensive range of vocabulary. Tips and rubrics for parents’ reference are also included.

Primary 1 Intensive Mathematics Practice is designed to help students systematically revise topics they have learnt in school. There are also questions that are challenging and require higher-order thinking skills. This Second Edition has been revised and updated to meet the requirements of the latest Primary Mathematics syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education for use from 2021. Detailed answers and working are provided for all questions to facilitate students in addressing their mistakes and misconceptions. This book will serve as an excellent tool for students in their preparation and revision for class tests and assessments.

Primary 1 Mathematics Practice Papers is a compilation of the latest practice questions revised in accordance with the latest (2021) Primary 1 Mathematics syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. With contributions from teacher consultants with decades of experience, the practices in this book aim to be a one-stop and comprehensive guide for Mathematics learning. The book consists of 14 practice papers with full answers and worked solutions for the problem sums. These test papers aim to teach students important concepts and help students to discover weaknesses in their answering techniques which they may not be aware of.

Primary 1 Mathematics CA & SA Specimen Papers is written based on the latest MOE Mathematics syllabus. It provides students with comprehensive revision and practice for the actual continual and semestral assessments held in schools. This Second Edition is revised to align with the latest Primary Mathematics syllabus for Primary 1 (2021) issued by the Ministry of Education. It contains 8 assessment papers and each paper comprises 3 sections: Section A, Section B and Section C. Section A contains 20 multiple-choice questions, Section B contains 20 short-answer questions and Section C contains 5 structured/long-answer questions.

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