Primary 3 English Master Your Grammar Skills

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Updated for the new Primary English syllabus for Primary 3 for use from 2022 issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, each unit in this guide contains a grammar item or concept with the following features:

  • An attractive visual stimulus introduces the grammar item or concept. It is defined and then explained with examples that make the abstract grammar concepts more concrete.
  • Tips are given to warn students about common mistakes that they should avoid when they attempt exercises.
  • Grammar exercises on a specific item are included to provide students with immediate practice. These include bite-sized exercises for students to apply what they have just learnt about specific grammar items in the individual units.
  • Grammar Challenge: Demanding exercises are provided to challenge students in the high-progress group since they are capable of learning more and at a faster pace than usual.
  • At the end of the guide, students can do a revision of grammar items across the several units.
  • An answer key is provided for students’ use when they assess their own answers so that they can learn from their mistakes.

This book is written for students to use in the classroom with teacher supervision as well as at home, by students on their own and/or with parental guidance.

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33 reviews for Primary 3 English Master Your Grammar Skills

  1. TY Oh

    Very good book for improving grammar skills.

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  3. Thomas Chan

  4. Colin Chee

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