Primary 4 English: Mastering Comprehension (Open-Ended) Skills

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Each unit in this book contains the following sections:

Teaching and Explanation: Notes and examples are given to explain the demands and expectations of open-ended comprehension.

Short Guided Exercises: Guided exercises are included to provide pupils with immediate practice and guidance.

Common Errors to Avoid: Pointers are provided to warn pupils about common pitfalls when they answer questions.

Assessment Practice: Ten full practice papers are provided for pupils to test their ability to apply what they have learnt.

Answer Key: An answer key is provided for pupils’ use when assessing their own answers so that they can learn from their mistakes. Practice makes perfect. To benefit from using this book, pupils should complete the teaching section first. Then they can proceed to the full practice papers with greater confidence.

This book is written for pupils to use:

  • In the classroom with teacher supervision, and/or;
  • At home for independent learning.

Pupils who understand the teaching notes, do the short practice exercises, avoid common mistakes and complete the full practice papers will be more confident and better prepared to handle the demands of this new format of Comprehension OE from 2015 onwards in the Primary 4 English Language examination.

Key features:

  • Notes, pointers and common errors on each type of questions in the new format in the Comprehension Open-Ended section of the Primary 4 English Language examination
  • Guided questions to guide you step-by-step
  • Full practice papers for self-evaluation or evaluation by teacher

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26 reviews for Primary 4 English: Mastering Comprehension (Open-Ended) Skills

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    Best to stock up assessment for kids when a good deal appear. Still have to buy assessment books sooner or later.

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