Primary 5 English Practice Papers

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This book is a compilation of the latest practice questions in accordance with the latest syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education. With contributions from teacher consultants with decades of experience, the examination practices in this book aim to be a one-stop and comprehensive guide for English learning. The questions are challenging and specifically hand-picked for their value in teaching students important concepts and examination techniques. The book consists of 10 practice papers with full answers for Paper 2. These examination papers aim to teach students important concepts and help students to discover weaknesses in their answering techniques which they may not be aware of.

Key features:

  • Complete Papers 1 and 2 with writing space for examination-setting practice
  • Set in actual examination format with mark allocation to simulate actual time and conditions
  • Full Paper 2 answer key for self-check and evaluation

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25 reviews for Primary 5 English Practice Papers

  1. Amber Lok

    Good book. Prefer to buy exam papers from reputable publishers. Good buy!

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