Primary 5 Mathematics Revision Exercises

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This book provides students with an organised approach to revising Primary Mathematics through comprehensive practices from the basic to the challenging. All topics, including new topics, in the latest Primary 5 Mathematics syllabus (2017) issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, are covered. Learning outcomes of each topic are clearly spelt out for students to know what is expected of each topic in the curriculum.

Examples are given in the form of worked questions and hints for selected questions are provided to scaffold the mathematical thought process. An answer key is also provided for self-evaluation. This book can be used in the classroom with teacher supervision or at home, for independent learning or with parental guidance.

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25 reviews for Primary 5 Mathematics Revision Exercises

  1. Himali j

    Very challenging questions in this book. Good preparation for exam.

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  3. Abigail Toh

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  9. John Tan

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