Primary 6 Mathematics Excel in Problem-Solving

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This book is a culmination of a decade of experience in teaching hundreds of students, and is written with one goal in mind: to teach and impart students the key problem-solving techniques in tackling common to challenging problem sums, so that they can excel in their PSLE Mathematics examination, and find joy in the process of learning mathematics.

This book aims to achieve this by teaching students the key problem-solving techniques tested in PSLE Math in a structured and concise manner:

  1. Main concepts in the beginning of every chapters.
  2. Step-by-step examples to coach students, which also serve as a revision guide.
  3. Ample drills for students to apply the techniques learnt.
  4. Review and revision exercises for students to further reinforce their understanding.
  5. Detailed worked solutions for students to learn at their own pace.

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13 reviews for Primary 6 Mathematics Excel in Problem-Solving

  1. Ho Yan

    book has a good range of content to work on essential mathematics concepts for PSLE. highly recommended!

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  13. Esther Teo

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