Primary 5 English: Strategies for Comprehension Cloze & Synthesis/Transformation

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This book is designed to prepare students in Primary Five to do the following in their semestral assessments:

• Complete a Comprehension Cloze;
• Rewrite the sentence(s) in one sentence, using the word(s) provided for each set of the questions in Synthesis/Transformation.

The guide begins with a recapitulation of Open Word Classes learnt in the classroom: nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs. This is followed by examples of contextual clues and connectors that pupils can make use of when completing a cloze passage.

The next section highlights the function of Open Word Classes. Each exercise has two components: Teaching Points and Practice Paper. Pupils are advised to answer the questions in the ‘Pre-activity’ section which is a ‘warming up’ activity before they complete a cloze passage. In the last section, there are 10 Assessment Papers for pupils to test their ability to apply the skills learnt.

The Synthesis/Transformation section opens with the Use of Connectors to join sentences. It is followed by Word Formation which requires learners to convert one word class to another or adding prefixes/suffixes. Pupils will also learn how to change direct speech to reported speech and vice versa. The last section consists of 10 Assessment Papers for pupils to apply the skills they have acquired.

For individual self-study, an Answer Key is provided for both Comprehension Cloze and Synthesis/ Transformation. Other possible answers are accepted. It is hoped that both teachers and pupils will find the book useful in reinforcing the linguistic skills taught in the classroom.

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