Amy baker

Dr. Amy G. Baker

Dr.  Amy G. Baker is an accomplished PMP-certified Project Manager with a  Ph.D. in Linguistics from Pepperdine University, USA. She is an adjunct professor giving lectures on linguistics. In 2009, Amy acquired her Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from Miami University and spent the next 10 years working at the Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group. There, she oversaw and managed the sales and content creation operations of the organization; an experience that familiarized her with effective marketing techniques in the region. Dr. Baker has also written five peer-reviewed journals, two in marketing and three in linguistics. With her knowledge as a sales and content manager, she brings enough experience to leverage consultative marketing strategies and development of quality relationships across every target market. Dr. Baker is also involved as a senior research consultant and associate for various marketing organizations globally and is a senior member of the Jackson’s for the Needy organization meant to sponsor deserving college students.