Dr. Linda Orr

Dr. Linda Orr graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy, Business Administration from the University of Mississippi, USA. Her area of study was in marketing, psychology, and statistics. She was a Professor for over twenty years, most recently as an Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Akron. She taught modules such as Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Team Leadership, Relationship Marketing and Services Marketing, and Principles of Management. She was also the winner of multiple teaching awards, including The Richard L. Hansford Chapter of National Residence Hall Honorary Outstanding Teacher, Most Influential Faculty, and Teaching Excellence Award. Dr. Linda Orr has published various research papers in renowned academic journals and books. Additionally, Dr. Orr has spent multiple years in the corporate world in marketing positions. She presently has her own consulting company specializing in brand positioning, strategic plans, MMM modeling, and content writing and strategy.