It is no surprise that education is highly valued in our Singaporean society as it is a crucial building block for our nation’s future. Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong echoes the sentiment when he said that the education system in Singapore is meticulously tailored to bring out the best in each student.

He was giving a speech at an Edusave award ceremony in Townsville Primary School in Ang Mo Kio on January 5th when he stated that nobody in Singapore should be denied access to education citing costs, which is why education in Singapore has always been kept affordable for all.

In addition to affordability, initiatives have been taken to create an inclusive spaces in educational centres to cater to mixed abilities.

Last year, it was announced that fees for both pre-schools and tertiary institutions will be lowered this year.

Moreover, streaming based on grades will be taken over by full subject-based banding by 2024 in secondary schools while the scoring system for Primary School Leaving Examination will be widened to ensure focus on student’s individual performances.

As noted by PM Lee, these initiatives aims to improve the education system in Singapore by removing the rigid academic mould that students are pressured to fit into. He believes that the government focuses on education as it is one of the most important things that Singaporeans have since it allows them to acquire necessary skills, gain knowledge, become productive, useful and independent citizens.

During three ceremonies over the weekend, PM Lee presented 351 students with Teck Ghee CCC Bursary Awards and Ministry of Education (MOE) Edusave Awards to another 760 students in Teck Ghee, for their laudable efforts in school. 

Students who received the CCC Bursary Awards were given cash (raised by the grassroots organisations) between $250 and $550,  depending on the level of study. The students were awarded based on household income, recommendations from school principals, academic achievements and conduct.

Students who got the MOE Edusave award received between $200 to $500 and were awarded based on their character, leadership, conduct, learning dispositions and academic performance.

PM Lee mentioned that the government will continue to lend a helping hand to support students in their academic endeavours and maintain the affordability and high quality of Singapore education.