Book Review: H2 Mathematics with Worked Solutions

The book contains Advanced Questions, which are of similar or slightly higher standard than those in the A-Level examinations, and Challenging Questions that are intended to push the student’s limits. Furthermore, detailed worked solutions enable students to learn from their mistakes and coach them on certain concepts.

The Second Edition of this assessment book has been necessitated by the changes made to the H2 Mathematics syllabus for 2017. In the new 9758 H2 Mathematics syllabus, certain topics have been dropped, such as mathematical induction, De Moivre’s Theorem, loci in complex numbers, multiple planes in vectors, recurrence relations, Poisson distribution, and approximations in statistics. These topics have been replaced by at least two questions in each paper on the applications of mathematics in real-world contexts. Each question carries at least 12 marks, with two questions in Pure Mathematics and two in Statistics, making a total of 48 marks.

The application of mathematics in real-world contexts is not a new concept, but it is now more emphasized in the new syllabus. The assessment book features real-life applications of mathematics in topics such as AP/GP, applications of differentiation, and differential equations. It is common for students not to appreciate the real-life applications of the mathematics that they learn in school. The changes made in the syllabus are a step forward in enhancing students’ appreciation of the subject. While the Mathematics that students learn at A-Level is still considered basic for many real-life applications, it is a start. We hope that through these exposures, students can have a better appreciation of the mathematics that they are learning. In conclusion, this assessment book is an excellent resource for students looking to test their mathematical skills at a higher level. With Advanced Questions and Challenging Questions, students can push their limits and expand their knowledge of mathematics. Additionally, the detailed worked solutions allow students to learn from their mistakes and improve their understanding of certain concepts. Furthermore, the book includes real-life applications of mathematics that can help students appreciate the subject and see the relevance of what they are learning. With the changes made to the H2 Mathematics syllabus, this assessment book can be a valuable tool for students looking to succeed in their examinations.

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