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Dragons?! tours the globe describing the discoveries and ancient beliefs about dragons as mythological monsters, deities, creators of the world and guardians of its riches. The book tells the many stories of fierce battles, superpowers, mysteries of nature, local lore and legend. Thankfully, heroes abound and a clutch of cheeky chicks guides readers through the pages.

Dragons?! opens with Pliny the Elder’s Encyclopedia written more than 2000 years ago in which he mentions dragons, the enormous creatures described by returning travellers. We know now, of course, that these were whales, octopuses, elephants and other giants of nature but Pliny called them “dragons” and it stuck. In this book, readers will learn a great deal about dragons while enjoying Lila Prap’s trademark illustrations.

As imagination took hold in stories and travels, the dragons became increasingly ferocious. Giant fanged, fire-breathing creatures morphed with snakes, roosters, flying birds and reptilian lizards to become enormous bloodthirsty monsters with insect legs, multiple heads and batlike wings.

There is an exemplary amount of information in Dragons?! presented in a decidedly friendly way. Not everyone thought the dragons were evil or dangerous; the Chinese believed they brought good fortune. Children will be captivated and will surely want to learn more about these mythological beings. Vividly illustrated and humorous: Lila Prap does it again.

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