Honey & Leon Take the High Road

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Alan Cumming and Grant Shaffer’s world-traveling dogs are back…and off to Scotland! When Honey falls in love with a handsome Scottish pup, will Leon be able to protect their dads on his own?
Honey and Leon have done a very good job of keeping their dads safe–but now the dads have decided to travel again! So the two loyal dogs pack up their disguises and secretly follow them all the way to Europe on a Scottish Highland adventure.
All is going according to plan…until Honey becomes besotted with a charming Scottish dog named Coll! Can Leon manage to keep their dads out of trouble on his own while Honey is gallivanting with her new beau?
Actor Alan Cumming and artist Grant Shaffer bring to life the imagined secret identities of the two dogs they once owned. Hilarious, sassy dialogue and wild escapades make this an unmissable read-aloud, perfect for families who love to put on a show!

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