Little Black Crow

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As a young boy observes a bird fly through skies that alternate from stormy to sunny, cold to warm, he wonders, Little black crow, where do you go? This query is followed by more rhetorical statements that get right to the heart of children’s own questions about family, friends, love, fear, mistakes, and, above all, self-worth. Raschka uses thick, black, ink lines in abstract depictions of the boy, who appears only at the beginning, middle, and end of the book, and of the seemingly carefree bird with an oversize beak that is featured on each of the double-page spreads, along with a few short lines of gentle, rhyming text. The lonely, rural, outdoor settings are washed across wide, white pages in watercolors of browns, blues, pinks, and yellows. With its satisfying closure, this quiet, tender book will appeal to contemplative young kids who wonder about their place in the world and whether other creatures, crow and child alike, share similar, powerful feelings.

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