Sorrel and the Sleepover

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Sorrel and Sage are such good friends, with so much in common . . . . They like the same games, sing the same songs, and even have the same stripe on their tails! Sorrel is sure that they’re so close because they’re exactly alike. But after she goes to Sage’s house for a sleepover, she’s not so sure anymore. Sage’s home is nothing like Sorrel’s–her tree is big and wide, and she has so many family members living close by–while Sorrel lives in a smaller house with just her mom. Sorrel loves staying at Sage’s house, but she’s afraid that Sage won’t like her house even half as much because it’s so different. So, despite promising to have Sage over for a sleepover, Sorrel keeps telling her that she can’t come. Will Sage like Sorrel if she finds out they aren’t exactly alike? A beautiful tale about differences, and why real friends will love you in spite of–and maybe even because of–them!

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