Benefits of tuition

Many parents hope that their child would do well in school. In competitive Singapore, many parents would look for tuition lessons and private tutors for their children, especially if they have difficulty catching up in school. Having extra lessons outside of school may be necessary for some children who find it difficult to understand certain concepts in class, or who may be more shy and hence find it difficult to express their doubts openly in front of others. With the help of good tutors, these students will find it easier to sound out their questions to their tutors and not allow other factors to hinder their learning.

Below are more reasons to consider tutoring for your child:

  1. Customised lessons

Customisation of lessons is one of the most significant advantages of private tuition. The smaller class sizes allow for tutors to focus more on individual students and their learning abilities. Tutors will be able to pace their lessons better to accommodate the different needs of the students, and in so doing, benefit the students’ learning in the long run. With the help of a good tutor, students will be able to tackle the hurdles in their learning more effectively.  

  1. More time to practice

Tuition can also provide students with more time and practice to master a certain topic. In class, the teacher’s time is divided among many students, and weaker students may not get the attention they need. A private tutor would have more time to address a student’s doubts and learning can be made more effective without any distractions. 

  1. Develops confidence

In tuition classes, students can also gain more confidence through their interaction with the teachers. Under the supervision of these tutors, students can find it easier to ask questions and grow in confidence in their answers. This is especially helpful for more quiet or reserved students.

  1. Help with homework and tests

Homework is often tiresome and can even be daunting for some students. Having a good tutor will ensure that students get the help they need to complete their homework and have a more thorough understanding of concepts as well. Tutors will also be able to help students prepare for school tests and assessments, and even give tips on how to avoid common errors to score well. The tutors can oversee students’ revision and target their weak points.

Every child is different, and so every child will have his or her own hurdles to overcome when it comes to studies. Tuition is one possible solution for students who need a tutor to help them in their learning journey, but for others who prefer to learn and practise by themselves, CPD Singapore offers assessment books and guidebooks for all levels, including pre-school, primary, secondary and JC. Head to our CPD online shop to find out which titles are most suitable for your child today!

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