Book Review: A-Level General Paper: Comprehension – Mastering Short Questions (2nd Edition) by Patricia Koh

For students who are less confident in their essay writing skills, their performance in the  comprehension paper can be a deal breaker for their overall General Paper grade. Paper 2 consists of a short questions component which carries a fairly high weightage of 17 marks out of 35 marks for content. With more practice, one will surely begin to see that there is indeed a certain trend in the way that short questions are set, and techniques that one can use to conquer such questions. 

Patricia Koh’s A-Level General Paper: Comprehension – Mastering Short Questions (2nd Edition) serves as a self-help guide to students to make sense of the different types of short questions, as well as provide a comprehensive framework and skills in how to tackle them. 

With this book, students can be assured that they are equipped with methods that have been tested and proven effective for previous cohorts of students, ensuring that they score the highest marks possible. 

About the book

A-Level General Paper: Comprehension – Mastering Short Questions (2nd Edition)

The book begins with an introduction to the different types of short questions typical of the A-Level General Paper, before delving deep into each type of short question, such as content-based questions, inferential questions, or questions involving direct paraphrasing. 

Overview of the types of short questions

Each section provides a detailed framework of how students can go about tackling the specific type of question. 

Students can first familiarise themselves with how they can identify the type of question through the wide range of examples provided, before acquiring the strategies required to answer them. 

Examples from actual past A-Level papers

Some of the examples are drawn directly from actual past A-Level papers, to help build up the students’ confidence in tackling short answer questions. 

Detailed explanation accompanying examples

The examples are accompanied with detailed explanation, which helps to deepen the students’ understanding of the technique of answering the question, enabling them to apply it to the similar types of questions, set in a differing context. 

With this book, students are able to gain mastery of the skills required to tackle the various types and permutations of short questions, setting them on the path towards scoring their ‘A’ grade for A-Level General Paper.

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