Book Review: Primary 6 English Master Your Paper 3 and Paper 4 (Listening & Oral)

The oral and listening comprehension components may carry only a small percentage of the overall grade, but ensuring that your child has done adequate preparation for it is crucial. The oral examination tests the ability to read and speak fluently, while the listening comprehension examination tests the ability to listen intently and sieve out key details.

Master Your Paper 3 and Paper 4 (Listening & Oral) is a guide that helps your child to do a comprehension revision of the oral communication component in the PSLE, closely aligned with the latest assessment objectives for PSLE issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.

About the author

Lim Geok Choo holds a Master’s Degree in Education and a Bachelor’s Degree in English and Linguistics. In her more than 30 years of experience as an educator, she has been Head of Department of English, an examinations officer, a curriculum developer and a specialist at the Ministry of Education. She has published and developed various English resources for primary and secondary schools as well as junior colleges.

About the book

Primary 6 English Master Your Paper 3 and Paper 4 (Listening & Oral)

This book is suitable for use in class and self-revision at home, consisting of 3 sections, each focusing on:

  1. Listening Comprehension
  2. Oral Communication
  3. Full Paper 3 and Paper 4 Mock Exams

Each section contains various units, with each unit covering a specific component/item. Each unit begins with the definition, which helps students to understand what is being assessed in the specific component, and what skills are required to do well in it.

“Take Note!” segment

The “Take Note!” segment provides detailed guidance on how students should go about tackling each component.

“Watch Out!” segment

The “Watch Out!” segment discusses common mistakes made by students, so that your child can be aware of them, and avoid making them during examinations.

Plus, the “Warm-up” segment gives students a chance to apply what they have learnt immediately. The “Try this!” segment is written in a similar format as actual PSLE examinations, which allows students to assess their mastery of the skills and knowledge learnt in the unit.

Mock Exam segment

Full mock papers are included in the last section of the book for students to attempt for revision before their actual papers.

Comprehensive answers are provided at the end of the book, which shows students what is expected for each component, so that they can improve their performance.

Detailed answers

Answers for the reading aloud component are provided to guide students on how they should pronounce certain words and how they can read with the appropriate tone and expression. Possible answers for the conversation component are also provided to guide students on how they can respond to prompts or questions asked.

Practice makes perfect. Diligently going through each section in this book will help your child to master oral communication skills, which are also highly important in their daily lives. Over time, this will build your child’s confidence when it is time to sit through school examinations.

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