Book Review: PSLE Mathematics Guide to Word Problems by Vanessa Wong

In recent years, Math problems in primary school mathematics are increasingly complex and frustrating for both students and parents alike. Instead of throwing in the towel and giving up completely, try using PSLE Mathematics: Guide to Word Problems to help!

PSLE Mathematics: Guide to Word Problems is a book written to help struggling students master practical and proven methods in solving word problems that complement what they are taught in school.

As model drawing is the cornerstone of the primary maths curriculum, students are guided on how they can tackle challenging questions using model drawing. Detailed explanations are provided to help students understand to grasp the logic behind using models for solving word problems.

About the author

Vanessa Wong graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a major in Applied Economics. Over a span of ten years, she has helped her own children and hundreds of others to score A* for PSLE Maths through a proven framework that develops analytical thinking in students, sparking their ability to solve challenging word problems in a systematic way.

PSLE Mathematics Guide to Word Problems is a culmination of Vanessa’s efforts as a parent and educator when she first started coaching her children in primary school math. At first, she was stumped by the complexity of these questions. However, over time, she found ways to assist students in understanding the tips and tricks to tackle these problem sums effectively.

Vanessa hopes that this book will be able to help parents and students who are facing similar struggles in PSLE Mathematics, and make it fun to learn Mathematics together!

About the book

The questions in this book are grouped the questions according to similar concepts so that students can observe and identify the underlying attributes of each concept. The questions are also grouped according to the level of difficulty to ensure a progression of learning.

Questions that belong to a similar concept are grouped together in each chapter
Sample of the detailed explanation found on each page for each question

Instead of providing students with the answer to each word problem, this book provides a step-by-step guide on how students can derive the model on their own. This way, students can gradually develop their model drawing skills and quickly apply it to the types of questions that they encounter.

For parents using the book to coach their children, tips are included to provide a clearer explanation for some questions. There are also pointers that parents can use to stimulate further critical thinking in their children.

With this book, students can gain mastery of must-know tips and tricks in tackling and solving the challenging word problems. The various concepts covered include Comparison, Before and After, Total Value, etc., which will also be in the exams.

Practice makes perfect. Diligently understanding the thought process behind deriving the answer for each question in this book will help your child to gain mastery at word problems. Over time, this will build your child’s confidence when it is time to sit through their school examinations.

You can purchase Vanessa Wong’s book here: PSLE Mathematics: Guide to Word Problems

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