Building Language Skills – Reading Comprehension 3

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Reading Comprehension Skills is a structured reading program that develops students’ reading comprehension skills. Some examples of the skills include categorizing, comparing and contrasting, understanding cause and effect, and summarizing.

Each chapter contains a long reading passage, which is divided into four parts for progressive development. These reading passages cover a wide range of engaging topics and there is a careful balance of text types, both fiction and non-fiction.

Reading Comprehension Skills adopts a four-step approach to the reading process.

  1. Stepping In: A pre-reading question engages and prepares students for the topic.
  2. Moving Through: A key question guides students in understanding the text.
  3. Stepping Back: This section includes vocabulary exercises, reading comprehension questions, and graphic organizers. These exercises help students check and monitor their understanding, and develop specific reading skills.
  4. Stepping Out: Post-reading activities help students to summarize, think critically and express their opinions about the reading passage.

At the end of every reading passage, worksheets are provided to help students build up their vocabulary and improve their grammar.

Reading Comprehension Skills is a series of three books designed for students in the upper primary levels.

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