Complete Guide to GCE A Level Economics Diagrams with Explanations

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Many candidates sitting for the GCE A-Level Economics examination find it challenging to reproduce the detailed diagrams required and apply them appropriately. It is essential that candidates are aware that no marks are awarded if key diagrams are simply drawn without explanations or the correct labelling. Marks are awarded for correct explanations of diagrams as well. Having well-drawn and labelled diagrams with their respective explanations will enable you to get closer to getting a full mark for your answer.

In this guidebook, key diagrams in the A-Level Economics syllabus are collated together with the topics to which they belong. The diagrams are presented under their respective topics and explanations are clearly given for each diagram. The detailed explanations are included to help you link the topics to the diagrams for a more holistic understanding of each topic. Definitions for key terms are also provided to give you a clearer understanding of their relationship with the diagrams.


• More than 100 key Economics diagrams carefully drawn and labelled for a clearer understanding of Economics concepts
• Detailed explanation given for each diagram
• Covers all diagrams relevant to each topic in the latest Economics syllabus

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