English Activity Series for Early Learners Book 3 – My World

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The English Activity Series comprises four books for pre-schoolers to learn English and phonics through themes. The activities in this series will help early learners in kindergarten gain a good grasp of basic letter-sound relationships which will improve their comprehension and spelling ability. In this series, phonics is covered systematically, providing excellent practice for children to learn the basic sounds in the English Language. Phonics activities are also contextualised with relatable themes that provide a richer and more meaningful learning experience.

Each book in this series covers an overarching theme. The books and their themes are:

Book 1 – Myself

Book 2 – My Life

Book 3 – My World

Book 4 – My Surroundings

Book 3 – My World  has themes related to my family, my school, my community, my country.

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