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(AS-IS Condition) English Language Challenging Weekly Practices Primary 5

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While this book is indeed brand new and unused, it may have experienced minor bends or folds on the covers during its journey with the delivery services. Your understanding and acceptance of these slight imperfections are truly valued. As a gesture of appreciation, we’re offering this copy at a 35% discount. Thank you for embracing the charm of imperfection and choosing to enjoy this book.

 The Primary 5 English book is specifically designed to help students build on their vocabulary and grammar skills to score well in their examinations. Split across 38 weeks of the school year, students can use this book weekly to supplement their school work. The grammar and vocabulary in this book are carefully selected to expose students to words commonly seen at their level. This ensures that they are adequately prepared for their examinations and can perform well.

One of the key benefits of this book is that it aims to build up students’ confidence to facilitate their learning. The carefully curated content and structure of the book are designed to help students feel more comfortable with the material, which can significantly improve their ability to learn and retain information. Additionally, by providing students with an additional resource to supplement their school work, the Primary 5 English book can help reduce stress and anxiety levels for both students and their parents.

Another advantage of this book is that it provides revision for all components of the English paper. From grammar and vocabulary to comprehension and composition, students will have access to a comprehensive range of exercises that will help them prepare for their examinations. This ensures that students are well-rounded in their knowledge and abilities, which is essential for success in examinations.

Moreover, this book is an excellent tool for developing a love for the English language. By exposing students to a wide range of vocabulary and grammar exercises, they will become more confident in their language skills and be more likely to enjoy learning English.



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