GCSE O-Level Guide Chemistry by Example

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This series of GCSE revision guides is a proven successful way of consolidating and reaffirming scientific facts and concepts for students who are studying GCSE Science. The content covers all exam boards both in the UK and the worldwide.

These guides are unique in that they are based upon using example questions broken down into specific topic areas. Students will find many example questions for every topic, with the questions being varied in style. Importantly, the answers are included and broken down, step-by-step so they can be easily followed and understood. At the end of each chapter, there is a self- testing section with space provided for workings and then followed by the answers. These guides are designed so students can learn by studying fully worked examples in a clear, step-by-step and concise way.

The 3 titles on this series are:

• Biology by Example

• Chemistry by Example

• Physics by Example

This book, Chemistry by Example, has more than 250 worked examples.

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