Key Guide O-Level English: Mastering Situational Writing

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Written for upper secondary students, this guide helps students with a comprehensive revision of the Situational Writing component in Paper 1 of the GCE O-Level examination.

Key Features:

  • Explanation: A definition of the component or item that helps students to understand what skills are needed to earn marks.
  • Teaching Examples: An example of each type of situational writing task to show students exactly what the task looks like. Students will become familiar with it and thus are able to prepare adequately to handle the task demands.
  • Templates, Tips and Tasks:
    • There are 2 different practices for each task for students to transfer their learning from the teaching example to their own task. All the tasks are different so as to challenge students to apply what they have learnt in the unit to a new situation.
    • Suggested answers are provided for the short exercises and tasks. By reading the suggested response for each task and comparing it with the student’s own answer, he or she can do self-assessment. This enables students to understand more fully what is expected for each situational writing task and learn from their mistakes.

The guide is suitable for class revision and self-revision at home.

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