Key Guide Secondary 2 History Revision Notes with SBQ and SEQ Practice

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Are you looking for a History guidebook to help you in your revision?

This all-in-one History guide is a teaching and learning tool written for students to summarise what they have learnt in History.

Part 1 of this guide focuses on learning outcomes and useful notes for your revision. More information beyond the History textbook is included to provide historical context for source-based questions and more detailed structured-essay questions. These notes describe, explain, discuss and provide more details for students to understand the time period. The chapters are

also re-organised to help students understand periodisation of Singapore’s history in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Part 2 presents more explicit thinking skills and approaches which students can use to answer Source-Based Questions (SBQs) and Structured-Essay Questions (SEQs). These questions are ones that students will encounter in their history syllabus. They include practice papers and exemplars for SBQ and SEQ questions. The main idea is to give students a wide array of question types so that students can think through and plan relevant answers to them. The sample answers for the

SBQ and SEQ sections serve as a learning guide on how answers are layered and argued. They serve as exemplars of think-aloud protocols of how historical arguments are formed. Readers should take special note that they are not model answers for rote learning purposes.

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