Key Study Guide: O-Level Chemistry Volume 1 Revision Notes, Worked Examples & Practice

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Unlock Success in O-Level Chemistry with Key Study Guide Volume 1!

Prepare for the GCE O-Level Chemistry Examination with confidence using our comprehensive study guide tailored for students from the year 2024 onwards. Based on the latest syllabus by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, this volume covers essential units including:

The Particulate Nature Of Matter
Atomic Structure
Chemical Bonding
Structure and Properties of Materials
Chemical Formulae and Equations
Mole Concept and Stoichiometry
Acids and Bases
Qualitative Analysis
Oxidation and Reduction

Each unit is meticulously crafted to enhance your understanding and boost your exam performance:

  • Summary notes clarify key terms, concepts, and formulae.
  • Worked examples guide you through solving topical questions effectively.
  • Multiple-choice and structured revision exercises assess your comprehension.
  • Checklists help you track your progress and revision.

Answers are provided, empowering you to learn independently and evaluate your performance accurately.

Don’t just study – excel! Get your copy of Key Study Guide Volume 1 and embark on your journey to chemistry success today.


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