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(AS-IS Condition) Pre-primary English Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension is an essential skill for any student to master, as it lays the foundation for academic success. It is the ability to understand and interpret written text, which involves the use of various cognitive processes such as attention, memory, and reasoning. For pre-schoolers who are just beginning their journey into the world of reading, it is crucial to develop this skill early on.

The Reading Comprehension series is a set of three books designed specifically for pre-schoolers. The books are structured in a way that gradually increases in difficulty, allowing children to build on their knowledge and skills as they progress through the series. Each book is carefully crafted to include a variety of engaging exercises that cater to different learning styles and abilities.

The exercises in the Reading Comprehension series cover a range of topics that are relevant and interesting to young children. For example, there are stories about animals, nature, and everyday experiences that pre-schoolers can relate to. The questions that follow each story are designed to test the child’s understanding of the text, as well as their ability to recall and apply the information presented.

In addition to the exercises, the Reading Comprehension series also includes tips and guides for parents. These resources provide valuable insights into the cognitive processes involved in reading comprehension, as well as strategies for helping children develop their skills. Parents can use these resources to support their children’s learning and provide them with structured guidance.

One of the key benefits of the Reading Comprehension series is that it promotes the development of critical thinking skills. The exercises require children to engage with the text on a deeper level, encouraging them to ask questions, make connections, and draw conclusions. These skills are essential for academic success, as they enable children to analyze information, solve problems, and think creatively.

Another benefit of the Reading Comprehension series is that it fosters a love of reading. By presenting children with engaging stories and challenging exercises, the series makes reading a fun and enjoyable experience. This can help children develop a lifelong love of reading, which is essential for academic success and personal growth.

In conclusion, the Reading Comprehension series is a valuable resource for pre-schoolers who are on their way to becoming school-ready for Primary 1. The series provides children with the skills and knowledge they need to develop strong reading comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, and a love of reading. By using the resources provided in the series, parents can support their children’s learning and help them achieve academic success.

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