Pre-primary Preparatory Course English Activity Series for Early Learners Book 4 – My Surroundings

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Unlock the World of English and Phonics with the English Activity Series for Pre-schoolers

Introducing the English Activity Series, a dynamic collection of four books tailored to pre-schoolers, designed to transform their early language learning experiences. Our series is a gateway to English and phonics education through captivating themes that make learning engaging and effective.

Building Strong Foundations

For young learners in kindergarten, establishing a solid foundation in English and phonics is paramount. The English Activity Series is carefully crafted to nurture this foundation, providing activities that help children grasp fundamental letter-sound relationships. This early grasp will not only enhance their reading comprehension but also elevate their spelling abilities, setting them on a path to confident language proficiency.

Systematic Phonics Mastery

Phonics is the cornerstone of our series. We understand the importance of systematically covering phonics to ensure children gain mastery over the basic sounds in the English language. Our books offer comprehensive and structured phonics activities, allowing children to progress steadily and build their phonemic awareness.

Learning Through Meaningful Themes

Learning is most effective when it’s relatable and engaging. That’s why each book in the English Activity Series is centered around a compelling theme. These themes go beyond just teaching phonics; they create a rich and meaningful learning experience. Here’s a sneak peek into our books and their themes:

  • Book 1 – Myself: Discover the world of English and phonics through self-exploration, helping children connect with the language on a personal level.
  • Book 2 – My Life: Dive into everyday experiences and routines, bridging the gap between language and real-life situations.
  • Book 3 – My World: Explore broader horizons, introducing children to concepts beyond their immediate surroundings.
  • Book 4 – My Surroundings: Delve into the fascinating world of animals, people, things, and tools in their environment. This book combines a love for discovery with language development.

A Deeper Connection with the World

Book 4 – My Surroundings, in particular, immerses children in themes related to the world around them. From the creatures that inhabit our planet to the tools and objects that shape our daily lives, this book fosters a deeper connection with the environment and expands their vocabulary in a meaningful context.

The English Activity Series is more than just a set of books; it’s a bridge to language proficiency and a journey of discovery. Empower your pre-schooler with the tools they need to succeed in English and phonics while fostering a love for learning. Join us on this exciting adventure and set your child on the path to linguistic excellence with the English Activity Series!

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