Primary 1 English Practice in Listening Skills and Oral Communication

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The book is part of a series written to prepare Primary 1 students for the listening skill and oral communication components of the weighted assessments. The oral communication component can be either an oral test or a show-and-tell.

There are 10 weighted assessments that simulate assessment conditions that schools can use to provide much-needed practice for students to hone their listening comprehensive and oral communication skills.

As a practice guide for Primary 1, the book also includes an answer key and sample oral conversation responses. These are made available to teachers only; students will not see them in the hard copies of the book. Teachers can use them to go through their students’ answers, and help students take note of their misunderstandings in order to avoid them in future. The book is thus suitable for both formative and summative use in assessment.
A must-have for dedicated teachers who are hard pressed for time to do their own recordings, this book comes with audio recordings for the listening comprehension scripts, which are available online, together with the answers and suggestions for oral responses.

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