Primary 2 English Writing and Reading Readiness in the Foundation Years 2A

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Discover the Ultimate English Language Learning Companion: A Revolutionary Book Designed for Primary School Students in Singapore

Unlock your child’s full potential in English Language learning with this groundbreaking book meticulously crafted to support students in mastering two essential learning outcomes of the English Language syllabus:

• Develop reading readiness and word recognition skills

• Develop writing readiness and handwriting to write accurately and fluently

Adhering closely to the scope and sequence required by all primary schools in Singapore, this exceptional book is the first of two volumes designed for use in tandem with the widely-adopted Shared Book Approach (SBA) and Big Books.

The book expertly identifies and addresses three critical components of learning in line with the national curriculum:

  1. Handwriting: Watch as your child’s penmanship improves with carefully designed exercises that nurture writing readiness and fluency, ensuring that their written communication is both accurate and visually appealing.
  2. Word Study: Boost your child’s vocabulary and word recognition skills with engaging activities that foster a deeper understanding of the English language. With a solid foundation in word study, your child will be better equipped to decode and comprehend complex texts, setting them up for success in their academic journey.
  3. Reading Aloud: Cultivate your child’s confidence and reading proficiency with targeted reading aloud exercises. These activities will not only improve their reading skills but also enhance their verbal communication abilities, empowering them to excel in various social and academic settings.

Don’t let your child’s English language skills fall behind. Invest in this revolutionary book and witness their transformation as they master reading readiness, word recognition, writing readiness, and handwriting with ease.

Designed specifically to complement the Shared Book Approach and Big Books used in Singapore primary schools, this unparalleled learning resource guarantees a seamless integration with your child’s curriculum. It is the perfect companion to support and reinforce their English language education, both in and out of the classroom.

Give your child the competitive edge they need to excel in the English language. Order your copy of this groundbreaking book today and embark on an extraordinary journey of linguistic discovery, unlocking a world of opportunities for your child’s future. Don’t miss out – let the learning adventure begin!

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