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(AS-IS Condition) Primary 4 Mathematics – Mastering Mathematics

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While this book is indeed brand new and unused, it may have experienced minor bends or folds on the covers during its journey with the delivery services. Your understanding and acceptance of these slight imperfections are truly valued. As a gesture of appreciation, we’re offering this copy at a 35% discount. Thank you for embracing the charm of imperfection and choosing to enjoy this book.

 Mastering Mathematics was conceptualised and developed to provide pupils in primary schools with an organised approach to revising Primary Mathematics through comprehensive practices from the basic to the challenging. All topics in the Primary Mathematics syllabus issued by the Ministry of Education, Singapore, are covered and brief learning outcomes of each topic are clearly spelt out so pupils know what is expected of each topic in the curriculum.

Examples are given in the form of worked questions in the exercises to give pupils a clear reference on how each type of question should be answered.

Hints for selected questions are provided to scaffold the pupils’ mathematical thought processes. An answer key is also given at the end of the book for pupils to assess their own answers so that they can learn from their mistakes. Parents and teachers can make use of this as well. To obtain maximum benefit from this book, pupils should complete the exercises in Section A to strengthen their basic skills, concepts and processes before attempting the questions in Section B.

This book has been written for pupils to use:

  • In the classroom with teacher supervision; and/or
  • At home, for independent learning or with parental guidance.

Key features:

  • Covers all the topics in the Singapore Primary Mathematics syllabus
  • Learning objectives clearly spelt out at the beginning of each topic
  • Comprehensive exercises for each learning objective of each topic
  • Questions arranged in an organised progression, from simple to difficult
  • Challenging questions to stretch pupils’ ability in problem-solving

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