Secondary 1 The Grammar SourceBook

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This book entitled ‘Secondary 1 The Grammar Source Book’ challenges the Secondary 1 students not only with essential practices in the main components of English grammar but also guides the students with concept notes for every topic. These concept notes appear adjacently in the margin on the left side of the page for quick and convenient referencing. The topics covered range from basics like nouns and adjectives to the forming of various sentence structures. Each topic is presented in depth as much as possible for this level and numerous examples are also provided to help the student’s understanding, so as to be able to tackle the practices well. A section entitled ‘Things you might not have been taught’ has been introduced to this book. As the name implies, it is to clarify certain grammatical concepts that might not be taught in the classroom. It also aims to clear up any confusing issues that might have been puzzling the student for some time.

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