Secondary 4 English Comprehension Practice

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The comprehension paper consists of three sections: Section A: Visual Text (5 marks); Section B: Narrative Text (20 marks); Section C: Non-narrative Text (25 marks).

Though the comprehension paper consists of these three sections, this book focuses solely on Section B and Section C but without the summary part.  This book focuses solely on the question types of Section B and C.  Comprehension is simple.  The word “comprehension” literally means the ability to understand completely and thus that is what you are tested on.  You need to understand what the passage is about and the demands of the questions.

In order to understand the passage, you have to have a good command of language.  It sounds daunting, but it is not in reality. This can be easily helped by reading widely.  By reading often, you are familiarising yourself with the language and its structure such as grammar and sentence structure along with appropriate diction.

At times we may not understand the topic of the passage, especially in Section C but having a strong foundation in language itself is sufficient enough to help you infer.

As for questions, they become easy when you: 1. Have an understanding of the passage; 2. Are able to tell what question type it is.

  • Comprehensive knowledge on global issues
  • Covers content relevant to Singapore context
  • Includes latest examples and current affairs
  • Insightful and creative arguments

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