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Singapura – The Making of a Prosperous Trading Settlement

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Singapura: The Making of a Prosperous Trading Settlement is developed as a vital resource for students learning History as well as teachers teaching History at Secondary One. While it does contain the ‘facts’, what is more important is the structure and purpose of the book.

This book is different from other study guides or information books. Where other books focus on presenting facts to encourage ‘memorisation’ or ‘drill and practice’, this book attempts to focus on how the history of pre-modern Singapore is interpreted using different historical sources in a student-centric way.

The focus is on helping students understand the process of ‘doing history’ using different historical approaches and evidence. The illustrations and features in the book are also designed as an age-appropriate interesting resource for teachers and students to understand history in an engaging, meaningful and in-depth way.

Teachers and students of History will certainly find this book to be a key resource in their study of the subject.

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