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No. of cards: 11

Keterangan: Siri Kad Imbas Bertema – Suku Kata berdasarkan pelbagai tema yang menarik. Sesuai untuk kanak-kanak yang sedang belajar membaca seawal umur 3 hingga 6 tahun. Saiz kad imbasan berukuran sebesar 21cm x 14.8cm, dicetak depan dan belakang, mudah digunakan untuk membantu kanak-kanak menyebut suku kata dengan tepat dan ejaan yang betul.
Penggunaan Kad Imbas yang betul dapat membantu dalam proses pembelajaran kanak-kanak. Teknik penggunaan Kad Imbas juga membantu meransangkan daya pemikiran kanak-kanak prasekolah dalam meningkatkan penguasaan mengenal dan mengecam perkataan.

The 11-card set of flashcards is a themed series designed to help young children learn how to read and pronounce syllables based on various interesting topics. These flashcards are suitable for children between the ages of 3 to 6 years old who are just starting to learn how to read. The flashcards are sized at 21cm x 14.8cm and are printed on both the front and back sides. They are easy to use and can assist children in correctly pronouncing syllables and spelling words accurately. The use of flashcards is a highly effective method for aiding in a child’s learning process. Flashcards can stimulate the thinking process of pre-school children in increasing their understanding and recognition of words. These flashcards are perfect for parents and teachers who want to enhance their child’s reading skills. The cards can be used in a variety of ways, such as identifying syllables, matching words with corresponding images, and practicing pronunciation. Parents and teachers can also incorporate games to make learning more engaging and interactive for children. The 11-card set of flashcards is an excellent educational tool that provides a fun and exciting way for young children to learn how to read and spell words accurately. By incorporating these flashcards into a child’s learning process, parents and teachers can help children develop a solid foundation in reading, which will benefit them throughout their educational journey.


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