Book Review: Writing A-Z assessment book

As children grow, it becomes essential to build a strong foundation in language and literacy skills. One of the crucial skills that young children need to acquire is the ability to read and write. Learning the alphabet and phonics is the first step towards achieving this goal. The book “Writing A to Z” is an excellent resource for pre-school children to develop these fundamental skills.

“Writing A to Z” offers a comprehensive approach to teaching children the letters of the alphabet. The book is filled with writing activities that are carefully designed to help children learn and reinforce alphabet recognition and letter formation. The exercises are easy to follow and provide plenty of opportunities for children to practice writing each letter. The systematic approach of the book makes it an ideal resource for pre-school teachers, homeschooling parents, or anyone who wants to help children learn to write.

The book not only focuses on alphabet recognition and letter formation but also emphasizes building vocabulary and understanding phonics. The vivid and interesting pictures included in the book make it easier for children to learn and recognize words effectively. This method of teaching aids in the learning of letter-sound relationships, which is an essential step towards reading and writing fluency.

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