Book Review: ‘A’ Level General Paper Essay Library assessment book

General Paper Frequently Examined Questions and Essays is a book that comprises of 187 questions and essays that are commonly tested in General Paper examinations. The book is structured in 16 popular topics, making it easier for students to refer to. The author’s ideas expressed in the essays are thought-provoking and at times unconventional. They can inspire students to engage in further discussions or stimulate their thought process to produce an even more insightful piece of work. Each essay is accompanied by two columns, namely ‘Writing Tips’ and ‘Strategic Thinking.’ These columns are not meant to be taken as strict guidelines, but rather as helpful pointers for students to improve their writing and presentation skills. Therefore, students are advised to read them with an open mind and to utilize them to enhance their own writing styles.

The book is a valuable resource for General Paper students who are seeking to improve their writing skills and to excel in their examinations. It covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to current issues and events, both locally and globally. By reading the essays, students can gain a deeper understanding of these topics and develop their critical thinking and analytical skills.

The ‘Writing Tips’ column provides students with practical advice on how to improve their writing. For example, it suggests using a variety of sentence structures, choosing appropriate vocabulary, and providing concrete examples to support their arguments. These tips can be applied to all types of writing, not just General Paper essays. By following these suggestions, students can produce more cohesive and persuasive essays.

The ‘Strategic Thinking’ column, on the other hand, offers students guidance on how to approach the essay question strategically. It provides tips on how to interpret the question, how to structure the essay, and how to allocate time efficiently during the examination. These strategies can help students to organize their thoughts and present their arguments in a logical and coherent manner, resulting in a more effective essay.

In summary, General Paper Frequently Examined Questions and Essays is an invaluable resource for General Paper students. It not only provides them with a wealth of information on various topics but also helps them to improve their writing skills and examination techniques. By studying the model essays and following the writing tips and strategic thinking pointers, students can develop their critical thinking, analytical skills, and writing abilities. This book is highly recommended for any student who wishes to excel in General Paper examinations.

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