A Quantum Leap Transiting From “O” To “A”





Students must understand that what may have worked well for them in secondary school may not work in the “A” levels.


So, is there a huge learning gap from the “O” levels to “A” levels? Unquestionably there is always a jump in the difficulty and content weight from PSLE to “O” and to “A” level etc. It is notable that the quantum leap from “O” levels to “A” levels for many students is significantly greater than from PSLE to “O”.



Condensed to 2 years


Firstly, “A” level schools are only 2 years, that is half of the 4 or 5 years in secondary school and 6 years in primary school. Students must cram 2 years of rigorous content into one exam at the end of the two years. A short learning period coupled with a much heavier content makes “A” levels a lot more rigorous than the “O” levels.



Intense CCA


CCA commitments are more intense in JC. Most sports CCAs train at least two or three times a week. Students have to balance this with their studies which can make it very hectic especially during test and exam periods.



More project work


In JC1, students will have to undertake project work. This is a compulsory “A” level subject for all students in JC regardless of subject stream. And this will probably be the first time a student is working on such a big project. Project work requires a student to work on a project for roughly a year. It is normal to have to stay back in school and meet / work with group members frequently. It is sometimes a challenge to balance studies with other commitments in JC1.



Stay positive


It is to the child’s advantage to start JC with a positive attitude. Embrace every obstacle, challenge and setback as a learning experience. Cultivated and internalised, this attitude will stand the student in good stead throughout his holistic development.