Ace the PSLE — Beat The Stress



Whether you are a parent, guardian or educator, seeing students panic and get all stressed out during Singapore’s landmark examination is par for the course. A good educator or learning centre should be savvy to stress-coping mechanisms. This article will share some good mechanisms to combat stress.

Manage time

More often than not, students have to cope with a punishing load of homework. To help them remain calm, time management is key. Doing homework regularly with a fixed schedule is a tried and tested method that prevents debilitating last-minute cramming sessions.

Prioritise homework according to difficulty levels. Students should attempt the most challenging homework first, at the beginning of the week. This gives students more time to check and double-check their homework before submission.

Be organised

At the beginning of the day, students should set aside approximately 10 minutes to rearrange their books and tidy their study spaces. Organise and shelf the study material neatly.  This makes the study experience more enriching and efficient.

Avoid procrastination

Procrastination only delays the inevitable. Once the ball gets rolling, it is easier for the student to finish his homework. Change the mindset and the student can change his academic future.

Think small

Take small steps. Divide and conquer big assignments by planning ahead, then completing section by section. Achieving small victories every day breeds confidence.

The key is to stay calm and composed by using the right strategies outlined above.