Scoring Band System – Slated to Replace ‘T’ Score in 2021



The Ministry of Education (MOE), Singapore, has announced that, come 2021, a scoring band system will replace the current ‘T’ score system for assessing PSLE results. This system will assess students based on grades rather than a number score. This is similar to the grading system adopted in “O” Level and “A” Level examination.

Beyond test scores

Former Acting Minister of Education (Schools) Ng Chee Meng said in 2016, “…the focus of our education system should go beyond test scores. Currently, despite our efforts to move towards a holistic education, there is still a narrow emphasis on academics and paper qualifications. This is deeply ingrained in our culture, translated into the expectations of our children, parents, and teachers. Eventually, this is perhaps even manifested in employer mindsets in workplaces.”

CPD Singapore Education Services Pte Ltd welcomes the impending changes to the PSLE grading system. CPD Singapore is a strong believer in holistic education and has up-to-date expertise in preparing students for the PSLE, leveraging its wealth of experience from its primary school experts.