Tackling PSLE Tips To Do Well



How the student actually perform under pressure will make all the difference in the PSLE.  Students need the best strategies for the examinations. This article aims to provide tips to help students do well in their PSLE.

Be confident

It is counterproductive yet common for students to fret over not being able to answer questions before they even sit for the exam. A child should be made aware that schools have a wealth of experience and quality resources they can tap on. Teachers would have equipped students adequately before the PSLE. Being confident relaxes a child’s mind and a calm, clear mind is critical to performing well.


Answer easy questions first

The PSLE does not require a student to answer all questions in a consecutive order. Answer the easy questions first before attempting the harder ones.


Allocate time

Set aside time for each question and section of the paper. Move quickly to other questions if the allocated time has been exceeded. This maximises the chances of scoring by avoiding the temptation of rushing through or worse, missing out the last sections.

Thorough preparation will make a world of difference.