Book Review: Primary 6 Conquer Synthesis and Transformation

Synthesis and Transformation may sound daunting to students who are not confident in their writing abilities, but there are many resources out there that can be of use. As an essential component of the English paper, synthesis and transformation tests the student’s ability to connect ideas and construct good sentences.

The Primary 6 Conquer Synthesis and Transformation title is an excellent practice guide for students looking to improve their writing and comprehension skills. This title is a comprehensive guide for Primary 6 students to prepare them for their PSLE. It teaches students the key components in sentence construction and how they can form meaningful sentences.

About the book

Primary 6 Conquer Synthesis and Transformation

This book can be used either in the classroom or at home for self-revision. Below are several components which can be found in the book:

Explanatory notes

Explanatory notes are highlighted for effective revision whenever needed. This provides a useful guide for students to take note of important pointers before an exam. Notes are also detailed and well-organised to provide for effective comprehension.

Useful examples

There are many useful examples in the book that focus on individual aspects of sentence construction, such as verb phrases and reported speech. This helps students see how different sentences can be formed using different techniques.

Answer keys and prompts

Answer keys and prompts are provided for effective learning. Merely focusing on drilling practices will not be as effective if students do not know about any mistakes they are making. This helps make revision more productive as students are aware of their mistakes.

Practice exercises

A variety of practice exercises are included for immediate application of the skills learnt. Students will be able to go through what they have learnt in school and through the book as they attempt the questions.

Practice makes perfect. Diligently going through each exercise in this book will help your child to get better at their English skills as they get more exposed to the different question types in synthesis and transformation. The exercises in this book are carefully selected and important language tips are reiterated to ensure constant learning progress. Over time, this also builds your child’s confidence when it is time comes to sit through school examinations.

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